Cathedral Women’s Council

All ladies registered as a parishioner of Saint Peter Cathedral are members of the Cathedral Women’s Council and are invited to attend the monthly meetings. Meetings are held September through June.

Women’s Council unite the women of the parish to act in Christian concern for God’s people, foster the spiritual, physical, and social growth of the people of God; and share the responsibility of stewardship in the Cathedral parish. The women plan parish events, assist the poor, and assist the parish community.

Over the past year, the Cathedral Women’s Council has accomplished many things. Please consider becoming involved in any of these activities this year!


  • Going Green – began to compile an ongoing email list of CWC people with email addresses in an attempt to keep Women of the Parish informed of our activities
  • New Parishioners – all new parishioners receive a note from Mary Pellegrino telling them about CWC
  • Adoration – monthly reminders are sent to all CWC members about the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament which is held in the Cathedral each First Friday from 12:45 pm to 5 pm.
  • Wellness Program – on-going endeavor. A group of 12 CWC members had a wonderful tour of the LECOM Fitness Center and were treated to a delicious luncheon.
  • Parking – CWC provides quarters to members so they can attend the monthly CWC meetings without worrying about the meter expiring.
  • Cards and Notes for Special Occasions – Anne Francani sends out sympathy, get well, congratulations and special occasion cards.
  • Pre-school Windows – CWC donated $3,690 to be used for new windows in the pre-school.
  • Communion Breakfast – Family breakfast following 9:15 mass. Last year it was held at the Avalon on October 5.
  • Eucharist Sunday – CWC holy hour and rosary held on October 26, 2008.
  • Priest Day – CWC sent cards and monetary gifts to our SPC priests – Monsignor Biebel and Father Solomon on October 26, 2008.
  • Day of Caring – This is a special day where we provide plants to our Cathedral Parish ill and shut-ins. Wehold two days of caring each year, one in Advent and one in Lent.
  • Sewing Committee – Pat Quirk, along with her committee, represent CWC to Church Women United. They make Christmas stockings for the patients at Warren State Hospital. They also make Baptismal bibs with personalized Baptismal information given to families of babies Baptized at St. Peter Cathedral. CWC provides the funds needed to purchase the supplies.
  • Peter’s Presents – Patty McMahon has chaired this committee for over 25 years. St. Peter parishioners donate money, gift cards and jackets to those in need at Christmas. CWC volunteers were present after Sunday liturgies throughout November and December accepting donations. In 2008, our parishioners donated $4,044 along with $400 in gift cards. In addition, Prep students, under the direction of Mr. Del Rio, donate toys to the needy.
  • Peter’s Present Award – Patty McMahon was recognized for her 25 years of service in chairing Peter’s Presents. The CWC is grateful for the immense amount of time and love she has put into this project over the years.
  • Christmas Donations – CWC donated the following: Emmaus Ministries in memory of Mary Lou McLaughlin; Second Harvest Food Bank in memory of Dolores Peterson; SSJ Neighborhood Network in memory of Tim McCormick and Theresa Fontecchio; St. Peter’s Mass in memory of Nellie McCormick; and St. Peter’s Choir in memory of Raymond Cicero
  • Christmas Lunch – CWC held a Christmas lunch for those who wished to attend at the Erie Club. Everyone was responsible for his/her own lunch cost.
  • St. Mary’s Day of Caring – Mickey Hosak has chaired the St. Mary’s Day of Caring for over 28+ years. The day of caring began as a way for CWC to keep in touch with our parishioners who were at St. Mary’s. This past year CWC had mass and a reception at St. Mary’s East on May 12 and at St. Mary’s West on April 28.
  • St. Peter’s Food Pantry – CWC has decided to subsidize the St. Peter Food Pantry with a $250 donation. Any money raised at the CWC Charity Luncheon will go to further subsidizing the food pantry.
  • Bishop’s Breakfast for the Homeless – This program provides breakfast at 7:30 am, five days a week for the homeless and needy at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. The CWC collects donations of money and food (fruit, ham, baked goods, cereal, etc.) from our parishioners. CWC also provides volunteers to cook, serve and transport the food to the breakfast location. There is an on-going need for donations and volunteers as this programs serves 40-60 people daily.
  • Garden Party – The CWC is a 17 year tradition at the parish. This past year, it was decided to hold a smaller fund raiser so as not to compete with the large fund raiser that the school held. The Garden Party will be back this coming year and we’re looking for volunteers to help plan it.
  • Honors – St. Peter Cathedral School’s “Spring into Playtime” honored the CWC for everything we have done for our school and parish. It was our first major award. A large number of our members were guests at the fabulous gala held at the Kahkwa Club. We felt very special and treasure this award which hangs in the lobby of St. Peter School.
  • Charity Luncheon – On Wednesday, May 6, 2009 CWC held a charity luncheon at the Erie Yacht Club with the proceeds going to St. Peter’s Needy and Food Bank, along with the Bishop’s Breakfast program. The total amount raised was $6,133.14 with $3,066.17 going to the food bank and $3,066.17 going to the breakfast program.
  • Scholarship – CWC awarded a $1,000 merit scholarship to an 8th Grade student who will be attending a Catholic high school. Mary Lou Scottino and her committee chose the best essay based on the question: “How has my service, loyalty and support to the Church, School and Community enriched my appreciation for Catholic Education.” We received 11 qualified entries and chose Lucy Wiesner as the merit scholarship winner for her loyalty, support and service to the church, school and community.

Mission Statement

St. Peter Cathedral Parish is a Roman Catholic Christian community of believers gathered together to worship God in joy. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we seek to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our people and charitably minister to all our brothers and sisters.

New Parishioners

New Parishioners are warmly welcomed to the Cathedral.

You may register your family by printing out the Census Form and mailing it or placing it in the offertory basket.