Cathedral Statuary


The pieta, the sculpture of Mary grieving over the dead body of Jesus, is one of the most striking and poignant statues in the Cathedral. The sculpture reminds us of Christ’s love for us and is strategically locted near the baptistry and gathering space. The pieta rests on a specially designed green granite pedestal.

pieta statue

Blessed Mother

Set on a green marble pedestal on the left side of the sanctuary, the white carrara marble stature of the Blessed Mother and Child acknowledges the importance of Mary as the Mother of Christ and the Church. The statue is carved in the strong and stately character of Mirello’s mural of the Assumption of Mary and is placed so the stained-glass windows can reflect dazzling color on the marble’s soft white surface. The Shrine of Mary is beautifully framed by the original niche and arch located here, which had been originally closed over in the 1950s.

blessed mother shrine